motorcycle GPS navigation - On road or off road

motorcycle GPS navigation - On road or off road

Motorcycle / ATV

Get the most ideas on purchasing quality motorcycle GPS systems with this online guide. From Etrex to Garmin GPS, compare all the popular brand names right now.

From mount motorcycle GPS systems to hand held palm pilots, you can find everything you want for your Magellan GPS right here.

Alternative Riding

Learn how to find the Best GPS equipment for motorcycles that has all the benefits and features youíre looking for. You can even get tips on downloading software and mapping programs into your GPS roadmate.

For all of those people who love the freedom of a motorcycle, or the thrill of ATV off road biking, youíve come to the right place.

Now you can navigate youíre way down the coast or through the uncharted outdoors.

The technology of Global Positioning System will help you find youíre way to any destination, through all the bumps and unexpected road blocks ahead.

Now you can take a little detour off road without getting lost or losing track of where you just came from.

Check out this handy page on GPS systems and software for trail riding, land managing, park services and more.

Motorcycle GPS

Motorcycle bikes and all terrain vehicles can be easily equipped with GPS navigation systems. From handlebar receivers to palm-pilots, the options are endless.

With new GPS technology you can find navigation systems that include benefits like:

  • Compass
  • 12 Channels
  • Detailed Maps
  • Basic Tracking

Always start your road trip by turning on your GPS compass function.

Using a handy GPS compass will display: distance, time, and direction in accordance to your destination point.

In the early days of GPS technology, a rider could only really hope for a 1-4 channel receiver for their bike.

Today, there is a growing market for GPS devices that are more savvy and sophisticated. For instance, you can find a wide variety of top notch 12-channel GPS receivers online.

For where ever you travel, a 12-channel GPS receiver is constantly communicating with 12 local satellites. The information it downloads will help you maneuver through weather and traffic without compromising youíre travel time or destination.

Detailed maps that are available in real time technology will help you travel anywhere.

From simple base maps to intricately detailed maps of highways, cities and towns, GPS navigation is at the top of the game.

If youíre traveling in-town, you can choose a map function that provides: street names, crossroads, hospitals, schools, airports and more.

Donít forget the basic benefits of a motorcycle tracking system, which includes: speed, position, and trip odometer.

Software & Equipment

There are a few extra items that you may want to consider when youíre shopping online for a GPS navigation systems.

For instance, why not check out the following software and equipments extras:

  • Mounts
  • Antenna

Although you can find lightweight GPS receivers that hook up to your cell phone, there also the option of finding a mounted system.

This means that you can mount the GPS display device on your handle bar or rail. Perfect for boats, ATVís, scooters and more.

When you use a mounted GPS receiver it should come with a small antenna. Hooking up to a connector at the back of the system, the antenna plugs in easily.

With todayís GPS technology you can download CD-ROM information and software into your receiver.

For instance, you can store detailed maps and data for several countries all over the world. What a perfect tool for traveling Europe on your bike!

Popular mapping programs like DeLorme Street Atlas USA, will provide you with the means to upload and download information and data into your GPS system.

Check out our online buyerís guide for links to manufacturers of palm pilot GPS systems, which can hold information on towns, cities, highway exits, rest stops and more.

Brand Names

GPS receivers are the ultimate extra for your motorcycle or ATV.

You will be amazed at how much more enjoyable riding can be when you plot your route ahead of time.

Donít forget that you can utilize the GPS voice option to notify you of stops, forks, upcoming turns, and areas of personal interest.

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