Find out how you can travel light with laptop gps receivers online

Find out how you can travel light with laptop gps receivers online

Laptop / Palm

Now you can get the best online deals on laptop GPS receivers and palm GPS system with this great online resource.

Find out where to shop for top quality laptop GPS systems, including Navman receivers, Aviation systems and Garmin palm GPS.

Why settle for your run of the mill maps, when you could be saving time and money with digital maps on laptop GPS receivers.

Read on to learn more about GPS for laptops, as well as palm GPS systems and laptop GPS receivers.

GPS for Laptops

You can hook up the Global Positioning System (GPS) directly to your laptop computer.

For simple access to directions, street maps and vehicle tracking, look no further than a GPS laptop receiver.

A palm GPS receiver can hook up to your laptop computer’s USB port, connecting you to a fast information highway within seconds.

Here’s a look at some of the benefits you will find when you use a laptop GPS system:

  • Downloads
  • Travel Positions
  • Real Time Routes
  • Street Maps of the World

The best part about hooking your GPS palm pilot up to your laptop or hand held computer is that it can travel anywhere with you.

Use the copilot options of the GPS system to navigate you via two-way voice technology.

From directions, addresses or points of interest along the way, voice activation will get you there faster.

Now you can chat with people at your home or office from you car with added benefits of two-way messaging and more.

Stay on top of vehicle tracking, mileage and speed documenting with the easy benefits of GPS laptop and handheld computer systems.

Palm Pilot Features

Its true that your laptop GPS can be used for both business and personal access to navigation technology.

There are so many ways to use a GPS pilot receiver, which is easy to hook up to a PC, laptop or handheld computer.

Let’s take a look at some of the popular uses for GPS handheld technology:

  • Sports
  • Leisure
  • Tracking
  • Recreation
  • Vehicle Navigation

Simply plug your GPS receiver into a portable computer, like a laptop and you can take GPS navigation technology anywhere you travel.


In this section you will learn how simple it is to plug your GPS system into a PDA or palm pilot for quick navigational access.

For instance, you can run windows or any other software programs that have mapping and routing navigation in real time.

First, you need to understand about the basic equipment that is required to get your GPS system up and running, including:

  • PDA
  • Receiver
  • 2-way Voice
  • Mapping Software

The foundation of using the GPS system lies in the receiver. This transmission device is what connects you to local satellites.

Once you hook up your receiver to your laptop, it will communicate with these local satellites in order to retrieve the information that is important to you.

For instance, mapping software that has been downloaded into the storage of your GPS receiver will help navigate you to your desired locations.

You will have access to detailed street maps, from all over the world.

Using the GPS receiver you will pinpoint your exact position as it presently is. This allows you to maneuver through traffic and create accurate travel times, including time of arrival.

Due to the fact that GPS receivers can be hooked up to any type of handheld computer of laptop, you can travel with two-way voice technology for a smoother ride.


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